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Benefits Of


NO Shipping Orders To Customers

NO Vendor Lists

NO Storing Inventory 

NO Upfront Inventory Costs

What Is The Drop Shipping Method?

Dropshipping-Is A Type Of Online Retail Fulfillment That Lets You Sell Products On Your Own Website Without Managing Inventory Or Shipping Orders To Customers

How Does Dropshipping Work?

Customer Order Products On Your Website

Orders Are Forwarded To The Vendor

Vendor Ships Orders Directly To Customer/s 

You Receive Tracking Number To Send To Customer/s

How Do You Get Paid?


Vendor Sells You A Shirt For $5 Per Shirt

Plus Shipping


You Sell That Same Shirt On Your Website For $25 Plus Shipping 


The Difference Is Your Profit!

Because ALL Orders comes to Your Website FIRST,
You Always Get Paid FIRST.

You then order that same item/product from the Vendor. The Vendor then ships the order Directly to the Customer. Once the Vendor Fulfills & Ships the order,
the Vendor will then send you the Tracking Number.

You then Email the Tracking Number to your Customer. 

Very Simple & Easy Way To Start Your Own Boutique 
Whether you want want to turn it into a Full-Time Business or to do it as a Part-Time Hustle
I say give it a TRY



What Is "Print On Demand"?

Print On Demand A Dropshipping The Major Difference Is "Print On Demand" Is For Custom Designed Products 

Example: Clothing, Notebooks, Bags


What Is Dropshipping 

What Is Print On Demand 

How To Find Products To Sell

What Website Platform To Use 

& More…

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